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Return to Sender

I don't live here anymore. I've up and moved to, and I've taken my posts with me. (Rather than start a new blog from scratch and abandon my old posts to a defunct site, I decided to pack up the whole kit and kaboodle and take it along. Hopefully it'll work.) Please update your links.

And just in case you missed it the first time:
Click here to go to my new Blog.

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A Moving Experience

Which sounds like "moving" means poignant or emotional or sonthing (for you Jonas), but it actually means changing locations. Sorry. You've probably heard that one a dozen times before. Maybe some of you haven't, and you think I'm clever. Well I'm not.

I know two posts in two days is almost unheard of for me, but I figured I'd better give you the heads up. See, I've never like the name "Living Psalm 13". It just sounds... you know, stupid. I picked it kind of spur of the moment when I created my blog and I was never particularly pleased with it. Moreover, the psalm itself has (inevitably) become less relevant to me since I latched onto it nearly two years ago. So I'm ditching it.

The next post here will be to let you know that your links and bloglines feeds are out of date. (What's that? You don't use bloglines? Why the crap not?)

So take a last look around, say goodbye to the little angel-wrestling guy in the bottom corner, and prepare yourself for a new blog with a new title and a new (and even more gorgeous) template.

Seriously, it's gonna be hot.

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